Thursday, 10 January 2019


World Tourism Day

The Department of History and Tourism has grown over the period in leaps and bounds. Since its inception in 1962, many dedicated and committed sisters and lecturers have been actively associated with the department teaching History, imparting sound knowledge and moulding the character of the students. this has helped to bring forth a positive change in the outlook and life of many of our students.

The department is indebted to the untiring and selfless efforts of all the pioneering lecturers. We especially acknowledge the services of Sr. Sylvester, Sr. Jeyam  Subramanyam, former Principal (1979-1987) and an inspiring teacher, skilled at interspersing her teaching with relevant and thought provoking incidents and anecdotes. The fervent, knowledgeable and patient teaching of Sr. Alberta has added value to the department. many a student were touched by her teaching and also the values that were taught through her lectures. She has left the Department to continue her service among the fisher-women of  Odisha and has contributed significantly with her meritorious among the downtrodden. We really feel very happy and proud to have such instructors and we salute all their noble endeavours.